я это сделаю) как мне повезло, что я в Англии. Иностранные письма они не принимают.

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A minute for a joke и как всегда с наклоном в слэш

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Под влиянием oreo and Loki

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Шоколадно-шоколадное печенье с Мерло

Мука - 1,5 стакана
Какао-порошок - 3/4 стакана
Соль - 1 чайная ложка
Сода - 1 чайная ложка
Сливочное масло - 110 г
Сахар - 3/4 стакана
Коричневый сахар - 3/4 стакана
Яйцо - 1 шт
Ванилин - 3/4 чайной ложки
Мерло (вино) - 1/2 стакана
Горький шоколад (кусочки) - 300 г

Муку, какао, соль и соду смешайте.
В отдельной миске смешайте 2 вида сахара и сливочное масло до воздушного состояния.
Вбейте яйцо, добавьте ваниль и влейте вино.
Постепенно всыпьте смесь сухих ингредиентов и перемешивая тщательно после каждого добавления.
Тщательно перемешайте.
Всыпьте кусочки шоколада.Перемешайте.
Столовой ложкой выложите небольшое количество теста на противень для каждого печенья.
Выпекайте при 220 градусах 8-10 минут. Остудите перед подачей.

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OMG i need to do this

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Tom Hiddleston опубликовал(а) ссылку с помощью WhoSay Broadcast.
24 июля
By the way, I still read (and eventually respond to) each & every single letter that gets sent here. So I can sign anything for free and send it back to you, with my deepest gratitude for your grace and support. It just may take a little longer. "If we shadows have offended..." xxx
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Hamilton Hodell - Fans
All fan mail, autographs and charitable requests should be addressed to the Artist, care of our postal address as follows:

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Дело было в Июле, я и не знала...

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Do not reblog anything else from massive-hiddles-fan. The “new” pictures of Tom that they posted are his PERSONAL photos from his facebook, which they hacked and took the photos from.

This person has invaded the privacy of Tom Hiddleston and has completely disrespected him as a gentleman and as an actor. They do not deserve any bravado for what they have done, and so you should completely detach yourself from them and cease reblogging these “new” photos of Tom. (They are in photosets involving him with a dog, on a ski trip, at the beach, on a bike, etc.)

In fact, this could be considered harassment toward Tom Hiddleston. I would suggest blocking them and then using the new links that appear to report them for harassment.

This is unacceptable behavior, and they have no right to label themselves a “fan.” Fans respect the ones they love—they don’t invade their privacy and disrespect them entirely as this person has done.

The owner of the blog openly stated their intentions of “ruining his life a little”.

At this point in time, it should be obvious that this person is NOT a fan in the slightest sense of the word and is most assuredly more amused by all the attention they are receiving than anything. Whatever sick drive they have to continue doing this is only being fueled by the panic we are responding with.

That being said, what can we do?

Send an e-mail to abuse@tumblr.com.

Report the URL “massive-hiddles-fan.tumblr.com“ for blatant harassment and distribution of Tom Hiddleston’s personal photos from a hacked Facebook account.

They are currently in the process of posting more and it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. So, send one e-mail or send a hundred. Tumblr’s support team needs to get on this IMMEDIATELY.

I’m not going to stop posting about this, or tagging it, until it is FINISHED. Signal boosting to the max here, people.

If any of my followers have a problem with that, I’m sorry to inconvenience you, but this needs to stop and I’m going to see that it does.


Я прочитала. Я ревела. Я хочу еще.

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The Horror of Our Love

Автор: Era Angel (ficbook.net/authors/Era+Angel)
Фэндом: Мстители / The Avengers (2012), Старшая Эдда (кроссовер)
Персонажи: Тони/Локи, ОЖП
Рейтинг: R
Жанры: Слэш (яой), Ангст, Драма, Фэнтези, Психология, Философия, Даркфик
Предупреждения: Смерть персонажа, OOC, Насилие, Нецензурная лексика, ОЖП, Мужская беременность
Размер: Миди, 45 страниц
Кол-во частей: 5
Статус: закончен

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Brain damage!

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У Тома голос очень красивый и чистый. Отсутствует английский манер речи, скорее он более американский. Но... с Рикманом он не сравнится. Да простят меня ярые фанаты, но голос Рикмана - это лучший голос Англии. Ни у кого из театральных актеров такого нету. Соннет Шекспира настолько отличается в интерпретации этих двоих. Голос Рикмана глубокий, дурманящий. Он обволакивает. Голос Хиддлстона приятный, чистый, красивый, но нету глубины....вобщем я все равно люблю своих зайцев)

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Хиддлстон поет "Антошку" очень мило)

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Открыла свой старый артбук и тут понеслось....

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После того, как увидела Хиддлстона, совсем забыла о еще одном любимом английском мужчине) Алан я всегда буду твоей большой поклонницей!



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Вот так - каждый раз!

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It made my day

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Слэшерам много не надо... хотя я за Тони/Локи

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OMG! He is soo amazing. He has the biggest heart ever)

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Hiddlestoners Have Heart - Fans of Tom Hiddleston
Hiddlestoners, Assemble! If you are a fan of the amazing actor Tom Hiddleston (Loki in 'Thor' and 'The Avengers', Captian Nicholls in 'War Horse', Prince Hal/Henry V in 'The Hollow Crown') you are a Hiddlestoner! Hiddlestoners are not just fans, they are a force of nature! They have heart, they make things happen because "that's the Hiddlestoners way." As a gift to Tom, we have started this drive to support UNICEF UK. Why UNICEF? 1. Because Tom supports UNICEF. 2. Because they are international and they have a great track record. UNICEF is the world's leading organization working for children and their rights in more than 190 countries. 3. Because we're all citizens of the world and care about and love kids! Please join in celebrating Tom Hiddleston and helping be a force of good in the world. Let us all be "uncontrollably excited" about this! - Thank you, the Hiddlestoners Have Heart team (@HiddlestonersHH)

More info listed in the diary/journal entries, which can be found under the photo of Tom. Click to the arrow tabs, forward or back, to read.

Donations are going to UNICEF UK and thus currency is in pounds sterling, £ . UNICEF UK is a branch of the international organization UNICEF.

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Вот так это делаю я....не могу правда похвастаться хорошей работой.

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Slasher's Little House